Welcome to the Historisch-Ökologische Bildungsstätte 
Emsland (HÖB) in Papenburg

What we offer

The Historsich-Ökologische Bildungsstätte is an official residential adult education centre of the federal state of Lower Saxony supported by the county of Emsland and the city of Papenburg. As a recognized institution of adult learning, we put into practice the concept of living, learning and working under one roof in our seminars, workshops and conferences on a wide variety of issues from different areas of interest. 

Our education centre was designed according to ecological principles and allows direct access to the departments 

- Ecology,
- Energy and Construction and
- Health and Nutrition. 

A wide range of activities from our five other departments 

- History / Current Affairs 
- Rhetoric / Communication / Organisational Development 
- Personal Development 
- Education and 
- Culture and Creativity 

completes our programme. 


In all our seminars and workshops, we not only communicate knowledge but also support each participant in the free development of his/her personality and in his/her participation in shaping our democratic society